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Professional course in

Italian Cuisine

with Italo Bassi & Paolo Barrale

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professional course

in Italian cuisine

The school

MIA is an Italian e-vocational school renowned for excellence in teaching culinary arts, oenology, and pastry. Our culinary project stems from the desire to promote the art of Italian cooking around the world, perpetuating its legacy. By sharing the experience and philosophy of award-winning chef Italo Bassi, we will enable you to turn your passion into a profession. 

Our training

Our aim is to offer first-class culinary training, providing all the necessary tools to become a top chef as well as an expert in Italian cuisine.

Whether you are a beginner, a cooking enthusiast, or a professional, our training course – structured in 10 e-learning modules – will allow you to tailor the teaching to your needs and adapt to your actual level of preparation. 

At the end of the training course, you will have access to an internship at one of our Michelin star partner restaurants.

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Italo Bassi

3 Michelin-starred chef

“I am a connoisseur and promoter of Eno-Gastro-Hedonism, which over the years has become my manifesto. With my culinary proposal, I always aim for excellence, trying to combine technical rigour with intellectual flair. I run the project with passion and dedication, aiming to train world-class professionals and contribute to the promotion of Italian cuisine on a global scale.” 

Paolo Barrale

1 Michelin-starred chef

“My dishes embody my thoroughly Mediterranean being. Son of rich and generous lands, my cuisine originates from the recognition of the intrinsic value of tradition. I am proud to support MIA’s international ambitions and to offer part of my experiential background to its training.” 
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