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Taverna Estia – 2 Michelin Star
Executive Chef: Francesco Sposito

Set in the middle of a magnificent garden in the Neapolitan countryside, Taverna Estia aims to recreate a high-end yet extremely intimate family dimension. The creativity of chef Francesco Sposito, who 'signs' with his team ethereal and evocative dishes, is elegant and complex. Bold and attentive to tradition.
I Tre Olivi – 2 Michelin Star
Executive Chef: Giovanni Solofra

Before being a restaurant, Tre Olivi [Three Olives] is an idea, where an idyllic union is realised between the concept of perfection expressed by the number ‘3’ and the olive tree, sacred to the ancient Greeks. From this profane perfection originates the pivot around the culinary universe of chef Giovanni Solofra, where his profoundly Mediterranean being is breathed into every dish.
Aria Restaurant – 1 Michelin Star
Executive Chef: Paolo Barrale

Aria Restaurant represents the perfect blend of elegance and folklore, positioning itself with its minimalist and contemporary proposal in a noisy corner of Naples. Headed by Chef Paolo Barrale, its dishes emphasise territoriality’s importance, giving the raw material concrete and international flavour.
ConFusion Boutique Restaurant – 1 Michelin Star
Executive Chef: Italo Bassi

The Confusion Boutique Restaurant, located in the magnificent Sardinian setting of Porto Cervo, proposes a unique as well as curious offer in which the excellence of the culinary proposal is fused with the refinement and luxury of the ambience. Cuisine and Design. Elegance and Extravaganza. Confusion best represents the Eno-Gastro-Edonism philosophy of its executive chef Italo Bassi.
Re Santi e Leoni – 1 Michelin Star
Executive Chef: Luigi Salomone

A restaurant with a contemporary design that does not forget the charm of the past. Re Santi e Leoni – housed in a late 19th-century mansion – welcomes simple yet creative dishes with refined ingredients. resulting from the flair and research of chef Luigi Salomone.